Milk Bath, Maternity, Fresh 48, & Newborn Pricing


Maternity - $500 - Up To one-hour session (60 minutes), Multiple outfit changes, 1-2 locations within 10 miles of each other.30 digital images,

a private gallery for downloading and ordering.


Maternity sessions typically take place between 32 and 38 weeks of pregnancy. It's best to contact me in your first or second trimester.


Clients can have photos taken in their home or on location. I have lots of locations to choose from if you need help finding the perfect place.


Our time together will be playful and fun. I love when moms have 2 to 3 different looks for their photos so feel free to bring a few wardrobe pieces.


And most importantly I encourage your partner and children to join you for a few photos too.




Milk Bath Maternity - $575


           Session Time: Up To one-hour session (60 minutes), 25 digital images, pricing includes the purchase of real flowers and milk bath



Embrace the miracle of life while you relax in the comfort of your own home enjoying your last few days of pregnancy.


The best time to schedule a milk bath session is between 32 and 38 weeks.


Sessions are typically done in the clients home. Lot's of natural light is key. 


Wardrobe - I have a beautiful white lace gown clients may use or if you'd like to wear something of your own that is fine too.





Newborn Lifestyle $1500


        Session Time: Up to four-hour session (240 minutes), 20-30 digital images, a private gallery for downloading and ordering 10x10 album.



Lifestyle newborn sessions are taken place at your home. There is no posing or props, just me documenting the connection and love family

members have for baby.


My goal during our time is to document the special moments with each family member and the family all together. I will take photos of the

baby while he or she is sleeping, swaddled, undressed and optional breastfeeding\bottle feeding.


Newborn sessions are longer and can last up to four hours to allow for feeding, diaper changes and plenty of breaks. Therefore if you have

siblings I try to capture those photos first so they can be free to play after. 






Fresh 48 Pricing-$450  


        Session Time: Up to one-hour session (60 minutes), 20 - 30 digital images, a private gallery for downloading and ordering.


Fresh 48 sessions are for parents who choose to not have their birth documented but would still like to capture those first few hours after

birth, typically 24 to 48 hours.


There will not be any posing or props,  just me documenting the tiny details that will soon be gone, like the wrinkly little hands, hair on the

ears and face, tiny toes and baby swaddled in a bassinet. I can also photograph siblings or grandparents meeting or holding baby for the

first time.




Click on the contact form at the bottom of this page, fill out some quick info and I'll be in touch.

All sessions require a non-refundable retainer fee of  $200 and will be taken at the time

of booking. Your remaining session fee must be paid 48 hours prior to your scheduled session. Quotes are only good for 3 days after that they will






.FAQ - Fresh 48, In-Home Newborn, Maternity, & Milk Bath Sessions


When Should I Schedule Maternity, Milk Bath, Fresh 48, or In-Home Newborn Session? 


Pregnant moms interested in booking a milk bath, newborn or hospital session should book in advance I suggest 3-4 months prior to your due date to ensure




When and Where Will My Fresh 48 Take Place?


The session will take place at the place of delivery (hospital, home, or birthing center) They are scheduled within the first 48 hours after delivery during

daylight hours.


When and Where Will My Milk Bath Session Take Place?


Milk bath sessions are typically done in the clients home. Preferably in a bathroom that has a lot of natural light. If you do not want to use your bathroom

there is the option to rent a room at a hotel or even a beautiful bed and breakfast with plenty of natural light.


When should I contact you to come for my Fresh 48?

You or a designated person such as partner or grandparents will contact me after you go into labor so I can ensure availability for the suggested time-frame.

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